Monday, April 25, 2011

fab finds

Flowers, jewelry, money ... are these gifts from my paramour? No, although our anniversary is coming up this week! Actually, these three words are clues to my fabulous finds from the past week (all found on a trip to my local Goodwill):

A pretty bunch of flowers on this delicate English saucer.


Gorgeous shades of aqua on this three-strand necklace ~ one of the nicest pieces of costume jewelry I've come across in a while.

Who wouldn't want to save money for college in this cute little owl bank?

Linking to Thrift Share Monday at Apron Thrift Girl, and to Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures ~ be sure to check out all of their fabulous finds!


  1. retrodame! i'm liking your header so much! really.

  2. Those pearls are beautiful! Nice find.

  3. i love the owl. wish my college could be have been paid by what that owl can hold! LOVE that necklace!

  4. I love the plate and the necklace! Fantastic finds, all of them. Thanks for sharing.